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Jeffrey Wilder - Club Champion 2004

Place/date of birth Born in South Bend Indiana, USA in 1969. 

Education Bachelor's degree in Management with numorous technical certifications.

Profession Been providing management and security solutions for 10 years.

How/when he started playing golf Jeffrey first played golf while living in Hawaii in 1994 at the ripe ole' age of 25, and was forever in love with the game.  He would spent countless hours at the driving range with 4 or 5 issues of golf Digest magazines swinging...refering to techniques...then swinging again.  He learned the game on some of the most beautiful golf courses Hawaii had to offer.

After moving back to Florida in 1996, he set a goal of not paying for lessons until his handicap got down to a nine (9) of which he achieved in late 1997.  In 1998 his whole world was centered around golf.  Jeffrey was managing a golf shop, repairing clubs, and practiced, practiced, practiced honing his game down to a 1.8 Hcap.  Sutle dreams and attempts to play professionally kept tugging his game forward but by 1999 reality directed him toward a more stable income.

What golf means to him Golf is truely meaningful to him, because it is him against the game.  Conversation and cohesion on the course has developed life-long friendships.  And he down-right likes to beat something that keeps beating him.    

Advice for others Practice efficiently. Don't just bang balls and call it practice, but focus on your nuances one practice ball at a time to create a sound repeating swing.  My keys practice points are muscle memory, imaging, and eliminating self-doubt- They work.

When he came to Kuwait Jeffrey came to Kuwait in January 1999 to re-join his wife.  He started employment in the security field and has been providing systems solutions and management ever since.

Thoughts on this season It's been a good year.  I have my health, my wife and daughter and Ahmadi Golf Club provides a activity of which I have a passion for- golf!  I've been afforded the opportunity to represent Kuwait at tournaments throughout the region of which we always seem to place- Thanks to good teams.  And I have managed to get my game to what it was prior to coming to Kawait (A personal goal).

How he managed to play so well I contribute my recent quality of play to one thing- imaging. My last thought before taking the club away isn't a thought at all.  It's a picture, a visualization, a sensation.  If I think of swinging slowly, my last thought isn't "swing slowly."  It's an image of me swinging slowly.

Additional Thoughts  Golf on grass! Can you smell it?!  It's just a few months away.  Oh' and Marty Willett.   The toughest match play competitor you don't want to go up against.  Congrads Marty!