Tony Jashanmal
Started playing golf casually in the late 60's when he was attending University in Hamburg, Germany.
After completing his studies in the early 70’s, he came back to Kuwait and joined what was known as the Kuwait Desert Golf club. This club was located on what is known now as The Bayan Palace.
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In 1974, when the Hunting & Equestrian club was opened for membership, Tony was one of the early members. He was commissioned to put the basis of a golf section, and make the club one of the best in the country.

Tony came, and brought with him a number of players from the old desert club. Together they formed a small committee, and elected Tony as captain. He served as Captain from 1974 until 1977. Then he was appointed Vice President, where he & Dr. Ahmed Motawi (President of the Golf section back then), looked over the club’s affairs, and were the bridge between the Board of members of the Hunting club and the golf section.

In the year 2000, Tony was elected President of the golf section, after Dr. Motawi sadly past away.

He is a founding member of the Dubai Creek Golf Club and plays their regularly. He is an athlete in heart and is involved in other sports, like Cricket, hockey and ice hockey. In fact he helped form the first Ice hockey team in Kuwait.

When I asked him about what golf meant to him? he said, "Golf is his way to exercise and relax, and a great way to meet friends locally and people internationally". He adds "Golf is good for your character because it teaches constraint, patience, good manners and etiquate".

Tony has played Golf all over the world and speaks passionatly about golf in Ireland. He said, “I love the Scenery, Atmosphere and the way golf is played naturally over there”.

Tony is still an active member of the club, and sponsors the prestigious Jashanmal Trophy every season.

I can best describe Mr. Jashanmal as charismatic, intelligent, has a great sense of humor and is an accomplished golfer.