Friday 5th November 2003

  From left to right:  Mohammed Ikram (treasurer), Fukushima Shin Ichiro (winner), Ali Marzook (Chairman & Captain)


A.G.C. had scheduled the AHMED AL-JABR AL-SABAH (a Greensome)    for Friday 5th November, but soon after play began a heavy downpour forced the players to retire to the clubhouse. The Competion will be rescheduled to be played in February 2004.
However the Lunch and Prizes Presentation which were set for 12:30 went ahead as planned. A special tent had been prepared for the occasion with fine seafood prepared for the Luncheon. What a pity the weather disrupted the careful planning. Only the prizes for the Ramadan trophy could be presented of course, the prizes for the postponed Competition will be given out next year.
The Ramadan Trophy prizes consisted of a inscribed plate and a piece of telephonic equipment.There were four Round prizes and three Trohy prizes. The winner was Fukushima Shin Ichiro, who also won Round 2. The family of Mahmood Saeed (who won Round 3) were also present to receive his prize. Below I present various photographs of the occasion. By 12:30 the rain had practically stopped and the people who turned up certainly enjoyed the meal and occasion.

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