During the  month of Ramadan 2003

   Fukushima Shin Ichiro: The winner of the 2nd round of the Ramadan Trophy, improved by 18 shots over his 1st round. 

According to Fukushima, this was the best he has played in a competition for a long time. He said his putting had been especially good and he had been encouraged by the play of his partners who had also played well. It is nice to see a Japanese player win a competition as they  are invariably keen golfers and also very polite and charming people.

Talking about putting, it is possible to make lots of putts from about 8 feet since the ball keeps its line so well. You can putt aggressively  without the ball going too far past. However long putts are more difficult as you need to hit the ball so hard. But with ball stopping on the browns, I think this is the best chance in the next few weeks to shoot your lowest score.   

 The overall leader of the Ramadan Trophy is now Ricardo Oosthuizen (pictured left) and in second place is Judy Russell (pictured right). All the latest positions of the Trophy are posted on this website under the Tournaments section.

I was intending to go on holiday next week, but now it is postponed until January. Good luck in the Ramadan Trophy and have a happy Ramadan!