PGA Cup 2007 Ras Alkhaima UAE 6-9 June 2007


The second annual match play PGA Cup was held at Tower Links Golf Club, Ras Al Khaiman. Captain Guido D’Argensio brought his team of a first timers and couple veterans from last year team to UAE with hopes of winning the second annual Sahara and Riffa Cup, which resulted in a tie last year  which  Riffa retained the cup for another year. The Kuwait team arrived on Wednesday evening, but due to the Cyclone in the Persian Gulf the practice round was an experience of a lifetime due to the gale force wind, and the sand blowing.  The event took place on June 8-9, 2007 which was Friday, and Saturday the Friday event was pair’s better ball, and Saturday was single event.  By the end of the first day Sahara had a 4 ˝ to 1 ˝ lead over the Bahrain team. Team Riffa's Captain Phil Jones did not seem bothered by his team's 3 points deficit, and winning 5 of 6 morning single matches and taking a 1 point lead with six matches remaining, would confirm his team's focus and determination. The two teams would jockey for position over the next five matches, however, team Sahara would square the match and take a one point lead with one match remaining to decide the championship.

  As the teams anxiously waited the final pairing to make their way down the 18th fairway, the tension was nearly as suffocating as the thick humid conditions in which the players had endured. Both teams were looking from the patio as the final pairing made there way to the 18th green looking over Mr. and Mrs. Kossack the Jazeera Airway sponsor of the Kuwait team, came around the corner with there thumbs up letting the Kuwait team know that they had taken the last point to take the cup home to Kuwait.  The celebration begins high five, hugging, and cheering as Sahara knew they would go home as the winner, none of which would have been possible without our sponsors Jezeera Airway, Agility, and Sahara Golf & Country Club.

Players of The Kuwait Team were 

Kedrick Massengill, Juno Sethi, Waleed Khalaf, Bader Hader, Andrew Kemp Rudi Fourie, Peter Wilson, Reinhard Kossack, Bob Nash, Talal Al OthmanMrs, Karin Kossack and Captain  Guido D’Argensio

 Written by - Kedrick Massengill