Expat Golf Team Claims the 2006 Cup in the 'Kuwait Vs Rest of World' Golf Competition.


The fourth annual Kuwait vs Rest of the World Golf Competition was held this past weekend at the new Sahara Golf and Country Club on its plush all grass golf course.  The tournament was held over two days, covering both National and Liberation days.  History was made this weekend with the Expat Team finally squeezing out their first victory on the fourth try of this annual event, as the first 3 were won by the Kuwait National Team. 


The format on day one was team match play, two on two best ball format, where two of the Kuwait National Team players compete against two members of the Expat Team.   Each team member’s best score, after handicap assessment, is counted on each hole.  The team winning most holes after a full round of 18 holes are completed, wins one point.  In case of a tie, each team gets ˝ a point.  At the end of play on day one, the teams were all square with 2 ˝ points each.


The format on day two was singles matches, match play, one-on-one, where each Kuwaiti National Team member is pitted against an Expat Team member of a similar handicap.  The Kuwaiti National Team was leading 10 ˝ points to 9 ˝ on day two with two final groups remaining on the golf course.  An exciting conclusion prevailed, with the Expat Team winning the final two points to move ahead of the Kuwait National Team by one point and finishing 1 ˝ points ahead.


The day was summed up by a speech delivered by the Kuwait National Team Captain, Mr Mazen Al-Ansari, who congratulated the Expat Team on a well fought and well deserved victory and reiterated the importance of such competition in bringing people from all over the world together, to take part in a friendly contest where the main goal is to promote friendship and break all cultural barriers.  He added that there was no losing team in this event, as the participants won new friends and new camaraderie.  In doing so, both teams have been able to promote the honorable nature of the game of golf.