Actually Peter found our web site and sent me an e-mail.
Peter & his lovely wife were avid golfers who played at H&E before 1990 invasion. He disappeared for many years and I never knew his where about.

His e-mail is for those who remember him and care to drop him a line.

This is some of the things he wrote:

"Ingrid and I are still happily married and have 4 children Anne(12), Sophie(10), Emma(8) and finally a boy Marnix(4). We are living in Curacao, an Island in the Dutch Caribbean very close to Venezuela. I own 3 Optical outlets.
Life is good here, with always nice weather and two golf courses.
I still play golf , with an adjusted swing, no overswing for more steight balls.
Together with some friends we play every Wednesday in the afternoon.
I always play the same handicap around 11. On Sunday's I play field hockey.
I will look more often at your website, it is now added to my favorites.
Seeing old pictures of Tony, Saud, Salah and others brought back good old memories.
In April 1991 when half of the oilfields were still burning Ingrid and I went back to Kuwait. We did not find any old friends.
After August 2nd 1990 we stayed in Kuwait and in September Ingrid went back to Holland and I remained hostage in Baghdad until the 10th of December.
When we talk about Kuwait we always remember the good times before the war.
My whish is to play one more time in the Kuwait open, maybe next year if I am welcome.( by the way, when I came back to Holland (1990) I had only one suitcase, in there was a silver cup with inscription. "KUWAT OPEN 1988 PLATE WINNER""

 I have been playing Golf for many years and the game has given me so much, but the best thing golf has given me through the years is making wonderful friends.

Waleed Khalaf