Dr. Ahmed Motawi

Born in Cairo 1924 to a well known Egyptian family.
Graduated from Cairo School of Medicine in 1946.
Traveled to the U.K. in 1949, and worked in different London Hospitals.
Came back to Cairo and became a Professor at Ain Shams.
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He was recommended to the Kuwaiti Government and started to work at the Department of Health in 1955. He worked as surgeon at the Amiri Hospital and was later appointed head of Surgical Department of the Ministry of Health.
He played a very important role of engineering and overseeing the huge development and expansion that occured in the medical field in Kuwait.

In 1976, he resigned the government job and took the challenge of developing the biggest and most up to date hospital in Kuwait (Hadi Hospital). He was the head of Surgical Department as well as Director of the Hospital.

Since his adulthood, he had been very athletic. He was a member of the Egyptian National Rowing Team with many wins. He was involved in rowing, boxing, wrestling and swimming. Was an active boy-scout and received the wooden knot.

Started to play golf when he was in school, but stopped because of the rigors of early medical career. He picked up the game again in 1970 and remained his passion for the rest of his life.

He was a founding member of the Golf Section at the Hunting & Equestrian club, and served as President of the Golf Committee for many years. He was also a founding member of the Arab Golf Federation.
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Was a member of the Kuwaiti Golf National Team and represented Kuwait internationally.