The Internationals Win the Classic

 Amid euphoric celebrations, International golf team members were Hi-Fiving and embracing each other on the 18th green of the Sahara Golf club as victory in this years’ Kuwait-International Classic golf tournament began to sink in.

 The International golf team under the captaincy of Mr. Guido Dárgencio convincingly won the fifth annual competition against the Kuwaiti National team, to make it two victories in two consecutive years.  It was a three round two day affair taking place at the Sahara Golf Club on Feb 24th and 25th.  Three different formats were played, Better Ball, Alternate Shot and Individuals.  The Kuwaiti Team under the Captaincy of Mr. Mazen Alansari was under severe pressure from day one, when the International team took a commanding 4 point to 2 point lead.  Captain Alansari identified some of the disadvantages his team faced, namely the lack of some of the new player’s experience in this particular format of competition that requires nerves of steel as well as the limited familiarity playing off natural grass.  On the other hand, Alansari acknowledged the high level of play the Internationals had realized on this occasion, taking the lead on day one and never looking back, finishing with 16 points to Kuwait’s 8 

“They wanted it real bad this year” Alansari said.  “They wanted to even the all time record, and they did it with this win” he added, referring to the two victories and one tie the Kuwaitis had achieved in the first 3 competitions held at the Ahmadi sand course.  Alansari went on to say “My congratulations to them.  They deserve the victory.  They worked very hard and many of their players rose to the occasion”.  “They’re a good group of golfers.  They were humble in victory” he added.

 The competition has gained stature and recognition over the years.  “Our main goal is to promote sportsmanship, camaraderie as well as the honorable sport of golf” said Captain Dárgencio.  “We may win or lose, that’s the nature of all sports, but the friendships we make are forever”

The overall record now stands at 2 victories each and one tie.  Next year’s event promises to be a thriller.

Official results of the 2007 Kuwait-International Classic:

 Saturday Feb. 24, PAIRS  Competition

 Tom & Gary              won                Qatami & Al Mulla

 Gill & Derrick             won               Waleed & Talal

 Jeff & Phil                  lost                Raed    & Bannay

 Andy & Bob               lost                Al Turkait & Yousef

 Marty & Kemp           won                Mazen & Khalid

 Fox & Guido              won                Haider & Majd

 Sunday morning Feb. 25 Alternate shots

 Tom & Gary               won                Khalid & Al Mulla

 Gill & Derrick             won                Waleed & Majd

 Jeff & Marty               lost                 Al Turkait & Yousef

 Andy & Kemp            lost                 Mazen & Ghassan

 Luis & Bob                lost                 Qatami & Haider

 Fox & Rudi                won                 Bannay & Raed

 afternoon singles matches

 Andy                       won                  Turkait

 Fox                         won                   Bannay

 Kemp                      won                   Raed

 Rudi                        won                   Haider

 Derrick                    won                   Talal

 Marty                      lost                    Mazen

 Gary                       lost                    Ghassan

 Jeff                         won                    Yousef

 Luis                        won                    Waleed

 Guido                      lost                    Majd

 Tom                        won                    Al Mulla

 Gill                          won                   Qatami

 excellent tournament, fun & sponsors