Ahmadi Golf Club

In the early years of the oil industry in Kuwait the company Headquarters and the housing facilities were located at Magwa. The very first Golf course in Kuwait was located there and compromised of nine holes.

In the late 1940ís it was decided to relocate the Company town 12 km south to an elevated area we all know now as Ahmadi.

In 1949 Colt, Alison and Morison, a company of Golf course architects from Great Britain was engaged to design a Golf course for Ahmadi. Mr Morison travelled to Kuwait and designed an eighteen hole course but only nine were built at the time. Those original holes are now holes1,2,3 8,9,10,17 and 18 while the adjacent to the fourth green was the club house.

It was another ten years before Ahmadi had an eighteen hole golf course. However the original plan for the remaining holes was not utilised. The course was opened in 1960. It is only supposition that Mr Henry Longhurst ( a famous golf journalist and BBC golf correspondent ) opened the course but it is true that he played the course.

During the sixties many small changes took place and in the mid seventies the course was altered to equalise the par for the course with the SSS. At that time the par and the SSS was 69.

The course was played by many fine golfers over the years and the old course record stands permanently at 67. The joint record holders who were all from Ahmadi area are : A.Redshaw; P.M.W Goodwin and S.D Smith.

Further changes to the course were completed during 1981 and 1982 of which the most important were the lengthening of the course and the introduction of many new bunkers. These bunkers were located in the driving areas so that more thought and accuracy off the Tee would be required. The par and the SSS were increased to 70 while the stroke index of the holes from the Ladies and Gentlemenís tees were equalised.

The new course record of 68 was established by W. McCarley when he won the Open Championship in 1983 and was equalled by R. Pellant in 1984 during the October medal.

The present membership respect the efforts of all those persons who have contributed to the success of the Ahmadi Golf Course over the years and the considerable effort expended in rehabilitating the club after the invasion of Kuwait in 1990 . Ahmadi Golf Club was re-opened in 1993 and the Kuwait Open Golf Championship was held in November that year.

John Cunningham