Saud Al Hajri

Saud picked up Golf in the late 60s when he was attending colledge in the U.K.
Came back to Kuwait to work for Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) from 1970 until he retired in 2001. He was KOC-London office manager between 1976-1979.

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Being a KOC staff, he joined the company’s golf club, the Ahmadi Golf Club (AGC) to play his favorite sport. Saud devoted a lot of time to his golf game, and was able to bring his handicap down from 36 to 12 in one year.

He was very active at AGC and served in the clubs committee for many years. He was elected Captain of AGC in 1994, then president a couple of years later.

He is a member of the Hunting & Equestrian and played an active role in our Golf Club’s Committee. In 1991, right after liberation, Saud was one of the few who put a lot of effort in rebuilding and reopening of our Golf Section.

Later he was elected as a Hunting & Equestrian board member, and served there for 6 years. During this period, Saud help improve our Golf Section and make it the modern club that we have today.

He is a founding member of the GCC and the Pan Arab golf Federations. He represented Kuwait in the first Pan Arab Golf Tournament which was held in Lebanon back in 1975. In 1992, Saud represented kuwait and played alone when the Pan Arab was held in Morocco. Continued to play for the National team for many years, and led his team down in Dubai, to 2nd place victory in 1996 GCC Golf Tournament.

Saud calls golf “his second life”, and he loves to play golf in Dubai. He feels happy and proud of what Dubai did to become a world class golfing destination.

He dreams of having a Grass Golf course in Kuwait, and thinks its about time Kuwait joins the rest of the world on the golfing map.