Geoffrey Dean
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Born in Manchester – England in 1948.
A 1969 chemistry graduate from Cambridge.
Been working in the IT industry for 30 years.

In 1963, at the age of 15, Geoff Took his first lesson in golf.
He played many famous links courses when he lived in Southport Lancashire.
He was an assistant pro at a local golf club for 5 years.

Geoff came to Kuwait in 1985, to work for a prominent IT firm.
He is a member of H&E / Ahmadi Golf Clubs, & a competitive golfer with a handicap of 7.
He holds the course record (66) @H&E.
Been serving in both club’s committees for many years.
With his extensive knowledge in computers, he introduced the "Box" to both clubs
and was the first to offer a Golf Information System solution.

I met Geoff in the late 80s @H&E.
I worked with him in the club’s committee for many years.
His tips and knowledge of the rules & decisions of the game, has always been
a reference to me and many others.
I resigned the committee 10 years later because I thought
I did enough and had nothing more to offer.
Geoff is still an active committee member and frankly with lots of energy.
He is like a torch that doesn’t run out of fuel.
He inspired me to develop and improve a golf database that has been in use in
the golf club since 1997.
Again he inspired me to build and he is currently the editor, and has full control over the web site.

His dedication to serving golfers in Kuwait,
knowledge in the rules & decisions of Golf and
his commitment & love of the game, makes him a worthy inductee to our Wall of Fame.