Renny Mathews - Club Champion 2002/2003
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In 1992 seeing an advertisement in the local English Newspapers a sense of curiosity aroused in me to pursue a sport/ game I had never played before.


The advertisement said "that all  Land mines were cleared from the Golf Course and interested golfers could contact the concerned authorities to register and start their round of desert golf". I enrolled my- self immediately and from the year 1993 I started with a handicap of 28 and played the whole season with some of the senior golfers much to their chagrin and displeasure since I was a novice. With the help of fellow golfers I gained more confidence and learnt  what really was course management.


From here on my enthusiasm for this sport grew beyond my own imagination and without a round of golf, life becomes meaningless I should say.  My first coach was from the Golf Section of the Hunting and Equestrian club.  Not really knowing the nuances of the game my coach went about honing my very limited skills in the game of golf.  I must add that the club members of H & E were always encouraging,  giving me advise and the right instructions to improve my game.  The initial days were really testing and sometimes you wonder how one can consistently hit the ball straight and further when all parts of your swing to connect the ball goes into disarray and the ball invariably ends up in all the wrong and difficult areas of the course. I was very lucky to break the 100 mark in the first year itself that is by the end of the 1993/1994 season.  By 1995 and 1996 a few tournaments like the monthly medals and a captains day trophy was already won and I felt very confident with this winning streak.


I work with The Almulla Rental and Leasing of Vehicles Company.  I am the Group Manager  of this division and have been associated with this company for the last twenty eight years. I must say at this point that I have been very lucky to be a member of the H & E Club, never has there been a dull moment or discomfort when you are in this club.  The decorum of the fellow golfers and the tremendous support from the committee members and all concerned always brings out the best in all individuals who form an integral part of this highly motivated golfers club who tredge along even at 4.30 am on summer mornings before the temperatures soar to the 50 mark for a round of Kuwaiti desert golf.



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