Friday 26th March 2004

Trafalgar Open Winners and A.G.C committee members.
From left to right standing: T R Krishnan (3rd Division 2), Jasem Al Qattan 1st Kuaiti Division), Moh'd Ikram (Treasurer), I.Y.Paek (1st Division 3), Kevin Kelly (3rd Division 2), H.S. Shim (3rd Division 1), Yasin Haider (Vice-Captain), Bhaskar Majumar (3rd Division 3), Jeffrey Wilder (1st Division 1), Norman Abad (2nd Division 3), Geoffrey Dean (Nearest to Pin), Bader Hussein (2nd Kuwaiti Division), Barry Hao (1st Division 2).
From left to right squatting: M.J. Shim (Long Drive & Nearest to Pin), Seon Young Kim (3rd Kuwaiti Division), Song Mok Cho (2nd Division 1).


Trafalgar (a major jewelry retailer in Kuwait) sponsored a tournament on Friday at Ahmadi Golf Club.

People admiring the Jewelry exhibition.

The Tournament, a stableford competition, was played in 4 divisions with three prizes for each division. There were also prizes for N.T.P. and L.D. for both men and ladies. and a special diamond encrusted watch for anybody holing in one on the 17th. There was an exhibition of Jewelry set up by the clubhouse, which attracted many admirers. Trafalgar also provided Breakfast and Lunch, catered by Le Meridien.The large number of quality prizes were the best ever for a golf tournament in Kuwait.
Play began at 7:15am and continued throughout the morning, breakfast and snacks were provided for the players. Lunch was started at 2:00pm for the players and families.   

 Mr Shurbaji (Trafalgar General Manager), Rajiv Jolly (raffle prize winner), and Mr Faisal Maki (Trafalgar Marketing Manager).

After Mr Faisal Maki announced all the winners and  Mr Amer Al-Anzari  presented the prizes. Finally a raffle was drawn and more prizes awarded.
Many thanks are due to Mr Faisal Maki (Trafalgar Marketing Manager & P.R.), Mr Shurbaji (Trafalgar General Manager), Mazen Al-Anzari (A.G.C. member) and Mr Amer Al-Anzari (Trafalgar owner). Mr Faisal Maki did a very good job arranging the event, which took many weeks preparation, and conducting the prize-giving ceremony. 
The full results of golf competition can be found in the Tournaments section of this website, and below is a list of the prize winners.


Kuwaiti Division

 1st Division

2nd Division

3rd Division


Jasem Al Qattan(37pts)

Jeffrey Wilder (43pts)

Barry Hao(41pts)



Bader Hussein(37pts)

Song Mok Cho (40pts)

T R Krishnan(39pts)

Norman Abad (42pts)


Seon Young Kim (35pts)

H S Shim(39pts)

Kevin Kelly(38pts)

Bhaskar Majumar (37pts)





Nearest to Pin

M.J. Shim

Geoffrey Dean

Long Drive 

M.J. Shim

Bader Hussein


Trafalgar presents a gift to A.G.C. 
From left to right: A.Mohd Ikram (Treasurer), Yasin Haider (Vice-Captain), Ali Marzouk (Captain & Chairman), Amer Al-Anzari (Trafalgar owner).
A.G.C presents a gift to Trafalgar. 
From left to right: Ali Marzouk (Captain & Chairman), Amer Al-Anzari (Trafalgar owner), Mr Shurbaji (Trafalgar General Manager).

Jasem Al Qattan  (1st Kuwaiti Division) receiving his prize.

 Bader Hussein (2nd Kuwaiti Division) receiving his prize.

Seon Young Kim  (3rd Kuwaiti Division) receiving her prize.

 Jeffrey Wilder  (1st Division 1) receiving his prize.

Song Mok Cho (2nd Division 1) receiving his prize.

H.S. Shim (3rd Division 1) receiving his prize.

Barry Hao (1st Division 2) receiving his prize.

 T R Krishnan  (2nd Division 2) receiving his prize.

Kevin Kelly (3rd Division 2) receiving his prize.

 I.Y.Paek (1st Division 3) receiving his prize.

Norman Abad (2nd Division 3) receiving his prize.

 Bhaskar Majumar (3rd Division 3) receiving his prize.

M.J. Shim (Ladies Long drive & Nearest to Pin) receiving her prize.

 Geoffrey dean (Mens Nearest to Pin) receiving his prize.

 Trafalgar prize winners with the tournament organizers.
From left to right standing: Mr Faisal Maki, T R Krishnan, Mazen Al-Anzari, Jasem Al Qattan, Moh'd Ikram, Jeffrey Wilder, Ali Marzouk, Amer Al-Anzari (with daughter), Yasin Haider, Mr Shurbaji.
From left to right squatting: Trafagar staff, Barry Hao, Norman Abad, Seon Young Kim, Bhaskar Majumar  and Mr Shurbaji's son.


Amer Al-Anzari with his daughter (right) & Mr Shubaji with his son (left).


Some of the players taking part in the event.