Friday 27th February 2004

Bader Al Banay receives the winner's prize.  
From left to right: Mr Kuldeep Lamba, Mr K.Nagai (Toyo Tires,Japan),Bader Al Banay (winner),H.E. Mr Tarui Sumio (Japanese Ambassador), Mr Ali Mazook (Chairman, Ahmadi Golf Club), Mr Yousef Mosaed AlMailem (Chairman, AlMailem group).


Toyo Tires sponsored their TOYO OPEN on Friday 27th February at Ahmadi Golf Club.

H.E. Mr Tarui Sumio, Mr Yousef Mosead AlMailem and Mr Mishari AlMailem seated behind the Toyo Trophies.

The event has been staged in Kuwait since 1986 (continuously save for 1991 & 2003) by The AlMailem Group, who are the local representatives for Toyo Tires, Japan. Play started at 9:00am and continued until 3:30pm when the last players finished. The Competition featured 3 main prizes plus 2 Gross and 1 Best Lady prize plus 4 side prizes for long drives and nearest to pin.
The weather was perfect in stark contrast to National Day only two days before, when a strong cold wind had blown all day long. Because of the weather many players returned good scores, there being 6 scores of 38 points or more all of whom won prizes.

Kuldeep's speech at the start of the prize-giving .

The Prize-giving started at 3:30pm as soon as play had finished. After speeches by Mr Kuldeep Lamba (Al Mailem Group) and Ali Marzouk (AGC Captain & Chairman) H.E. Mr Tarui Sumio (The Japanese Ambassador) was called to give out the Prizes. After the prize giving there was  a Dinner provided and all the players and their families plus Toyo Guests enjoyed  fine food and drink.
The winner was Bader Al-Bannay (41pts) with Juno Sethi (41pts) second and B.C. Hyun (40pts) third. The Gross winner was Y Y Jin (75), the Ladies Gross winner was Cha Myoung Ok (77), and the Best Lady was Jin Hee Birkins (38pts). The Long Drive winners were Fukushima Shin Ichiro (men 8th Hole) and Cha Myoung Ok (Ladies 3rd Hole). The Nearest to Pin winners were Abdul Aziz Al-Mullah (men 9th Hole) and Judy Russell (ladies 4th Hole).

Group photograph includes AGC officials, Toyo representatives and all the prize winners.
From left to right back row:  Y.Y.Jin (Gross), S.I.Fukushima (Long Drive) ,B.C.Hyun (3rd place), K.Nagi (Toyo), K.S.Lamba (Toyo), B.AlBannay (Winner), H.E. T.Sumio (Japanese Ambassador), Ali Marzook (Chairman & Captain), Y.M.AlMailem (Toyo), M.AlMailem (Toyo), A.Almullah (Nearest to Pin), Juno Sethi (2nd Place).
From left to right front row (Ladies):  Judy Russell (Nearest to Pin), Cha Myoung Ok (Long Drive & Gross), J.H.Birkins (Best Lady).

From left to right (front row): Sethi Juno (2nd Place), Ali Marzook -behind the trophy- (Chairman & Captain), Mr Yousef Mosead AlMailem (Chairman, AlMailem Group).

From left to right:  Y.Y.Jin (Gross), Mr Kuldeep Lamba, Mr K Nagai and H.E. Mr Tarui Sumio .   From left to right: Geoffrey Dean, Cha Myoung Ok (Ladies Gross), Mr Kuldeep Lamba and  Mr K Nagai.

Jin Hee Birkins (Best Lady). B.C.Hyun -left- receives the 3rd place  prize from H.E Mr Tarui Sumio (Japanese Ambassador) and Ali Marzook -right- (AGC Chairman & Captain) .   

Mr Yousef Mosead AlMailem (Chairman, AlMailem Group) presents Fukushima Shin Ichiro with his "Long Drive" prize.   Cha Myoung Ok (Ladies Long Drive winner) with Mr Kuldeep Lamba, Mr K Nagai and H.E. Mr Tarui Sumio.

Abdul Aziz Al-Mullah receives the "Nearest to Pin" Prize.  Judy Russell receives the Ladies "Nearest to Pin" prize from H.E Mr Tarui Sumio (Japanese Ambassador) .