SRI LANKA OPEN (Sri Lankan Airlines)

Friday 13th February 2004

Y.Y.Jin receives the winner's prize from A.G.C Captain.   From left to right: Y.Y.Jin(winner),Ali Marzook(Chairman & Captain), Chanaka Olagama (Sri Lankan Airlines Area Manager), Lalith Peiris (Sri Lankan Airlines Sales Manager).


Sri Lankan Airlines sponsored the 1st SRI LANKA OPEN on friday 13th february at Ahmadi Golf Club.

Music Group behind the table of Prizes.

Play started at 8:30am and continued until 5:00pm when the last players finished. A record 134 people  entered the Stableford Competition which featured  6 handicap prizes and 1 gross prize plus 4 side prizes for long drives and nearest to pin. Sri Lankan Airlines also provided a band(see picture left), a raffle with an MC and a Dinner to entertain the players and their guests. 
The large number of entrants meant that starting times stretched from 8:30am to 11:00am and rounds were taking up to 6 hours to complete. The wind grew stronger in the afternoon, favouring those who started early. The scoring format gave players only three quarters fo their full handicap up to a maximum of 16 shots,

Nearest to Pin on the 9th brown.

making it very difficult for long handicap golfers to win. The full Stableford results are given under the tournaments section of this website .  There were individual prizes too, for Long drive and Nearest the Pin. Cha Myoug Ok won the ladies NTP(hole 4), Pamela Mouries won the ladies LD(hole 11),  Sonny Cajipe won the mens NTP(hole 9) and Oh Siung Dae won the mens LD(hole 3).
The prize presentation started at 5:00pm and was run mainly by a special MC provided by Sri Lankan Airlines. The actual presentations took a long time and consisted of the competition side prizes(as described above), the Gross prize(Adnan Assaf), the 6 Net prizes(1 YY Jin, 2 Hussni El-Azem, 3 Norman Abad, 4 Sonny Cajipe, 5 Tamura Masahiro, 6 Pil-Cheen Park), the first part of the raffle prizes, then dinner and finally the second part of the raffle prizes. 

On National Day we will have a stroke play competition (only for AGC members) followed by lunch and prize giving. Closing date for entries will be Monday, 23rd february.


Gross & 2nd-6th POSITIONS

From left to right:  Ali Marzook (Chairman & Captain) and Adnan assaf (Gross).   From right to left: Ali Marzook (Chairman & Captain), Yassin Haider (Vice Captain), Moh'd Ikram (Treasurer) and Hussni El-Azem(2nd Place).   

From right to left: Yassin Haider (Vice Captain),   Moh'd Ikram (Treasurer) and Norman Abad (3rd Place).   From right to left: Moh'd Ikram (Treasurer),Yassin Haider (Vice Captain), Ali Marzook(Chairman & Captain) and Sonny Cajipe (4th Place).   

From right to left:  Ali Marzook (Chairman & Captain),Moh'd Ikram (Treasurer),Tamura Masahiro (5th Place) and Yassin Haider (Vice Captain). Pil-Cheen Park (6th Place) & Chanaka Olagama.
Pil-Cheen is winning this week in place of his wife Monica.

Lalith Peiris presents Oh Sung Dae with his "Long Drive" prize.   Chanaka Olagama & Lalith Peiris with Pamela Mouries the Ladies Long Drive winner .

Sonny Cajipe recieves the "Nearest to Pin" Prize.  Cha Myoug Ok, the Ladies "Nearest to Pin" winner .


Some lucky raffle winners......


And finally Dinner......

She helped draw the raffle tickets. 

  Some of the guests enjoying dinner.

A large queue for dinner.