Wednesday 25th February 2004

From left to right:  Gante Bong (Committee Member), Adnan Assaf (Guest Best Gross), Bader Al-bannay (3rd place), Moh'd Ikram (Treasurer), M.J.Shim (2nd place), Tae Im Shin (Best Lady), K.Seok Kim (winner), Jalil (in place of Juno Sethi) & Mazen Al-Ansari (2nd Gross).


Ahmadi golf Club held a special tournament on National Day, Wednesday 25th February. There were 7 prizes altogether for this stroke-play competition 3 Gross, 3 Net & Best Lady. The

One of the special cakes made for National Day.

event started at 8:00am-8:30am from 4 tees, and finished 1:00pm when there was a prize giving ceremony and Lunch.

There was a strong cold wind blowing which made scoring difficult, in fact nobody broke 80. The Gross prize went to Sethi Juno(83), with Mazen Al-Ansari second (84) and Michael Myers (84) third.The Net prizes went to Seok K Kim (70), M.J. Shim (71) and Bader Al-Bannay (81). Shim Tae Im (72)won the Best Lady Prize.
Bader Al-Bannay and Mazen Al-Mansari the 2 Kuwaiti prize winners helped give out the prizes and also cut specially made cakes celebrating National Day. Afterwards everybody enjoyed lunch. 
This weekend we say goodbye to Pil-Cheem & Monica Park who are leaving Kuwait after 3 years diplomatic service. They were both keen golfers and will be missed. 

Seok K. Kim (left) receiving his winner's prize from Bader Al-Bannay(right) & Moh'd Ikram (center). 

From left to right:  A.Mohd Ikram (Treasurer), M.J.Shim (2nd place), Bader Al-Bannay & Mazen Al-Ansari.  

From left to right: Shin Tae Im (Best Lady), Geoffrey Dean (Competition Secretary), Moh'd Ikram & Bader Al-Bannay

The start of the Presentation Ceremony.

 Bader Al-Banny cutting the cake.

 From left to right: Gante Bong, Moh'd Ikram & Mazen Al-Ansari in yet another cake picture.

Bader Al-Bannay (3rd place) & Mazen Al-Ansari (2nd Gross) the two Kuwaiti winners on National Day.


Goodbye to PilCheem Park and his wife Monica who are leaving Kuwait after 3 years diplomatic service. From left to right back row: H.R.Jang, B.C.Hyun, H.S.Shim, B.Al-Bannay, S.M.Cho & K.Seok Kim.  From left to right seated:Tae Im Shin, Monica Park, Pil-Cheem Park, M.J.Shim.